Monitoring large hetrogenous IT business systems is a complex task and buying an off-the-shelf product wont fulfill your many and diverse requirements. The challenge faced by large organisations is not only selecting the right set of tools, but also the design, deployment; integration, training and support of the solution to ensure monitoring nirvana.

If you have chosen IBM Tivoli Monitoring or IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager products then Z1000 can help in one or all these areas.

    • Design

      • Years of experience of detailed requirements gathering and producing clearly defined designs for your environment

    • Deployment

      • Deployment planning that really understands your specific needs, how to deploy, when to deploy and what to deploy....

    • Integration

      • Because every environment is different, we analyse where integration is needed between products and applications and provide solutions

    • Training

      • It may not be the most exciting of products to teach and learn but we try to make it easy for administrators and users to understand

    • Support

      • We can supply support for day to day management of your monitoring environment

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